Where Should You Leave Your Cat on Your Next Holiday?

If you are similar to most cat owners, you want the best for your feline friend. If you cannot bring your cat along with you on holiday, you need to find a place where your cat can feel comfortable and safe. It usually helps to choose a facility that regularly features boarding as well as cat breeding services. That way, you will know that the site is committed to your cat’s care and safety.

When choosing a venue for cat boarding in Sydney, you will need to consider a few factors. To make sure that your cat likes its surroundings, you need to make sure that the site features adequate lighting and that the temperature and ventilation will make your cat feel comfortable. Also, cleanliness is of paramount importance as your kitty may get quite sick if it is exposed to less-than-hygienic conditions.

Exercise and Socialisation, Cat-Style

You also want to make sure that the facility exercises your pet whilst you are away. Your cat should be given the opportunity to socialise with other cats and should be housed separately from dogs if they are boarded at the site as well.

What You Will Need to Provide

Once you find a “cat hotel” for your feline, you need to follow the regulations of the site. For example, you will need to present proof of a current F3 immunisation before you can board your cat. This certificate is necessary and it allows the boarder to provide safer health conditions for its visitors.

How to Reassure Your Cat

When boarding your cat, make sure that it feels right at home by adding a special toy or bringing its blanket. That will reassure your feline and make it feel comfortable. You can also instruct the facility about the type of foods your cat prefers and can even give them the food to dispense at mealtime.

Give Your Cat a Holiday of its Own

Your cat’s health and safety is of vital importance. Therefore, you need to do all that you can to ensure its continued well-being. You can do this easily by choosing a cat boarding centre that is in tune with cat care and comfort.

Why This Type of Cat Care Works

You are doing your cat a favour by giving it a place to spend time whilst you are away on holiday. Allow your kitty to have a holiday of its own where it will feel accepted and loved, just as it is at home. Cats are not designed to be left alone for long periods of time. Otherwise, it can affect their immune systems and make them sick. A cat boarding provider can give your cat the care it deserves at reasonable rates. Cats are kept in a quiet area where they can savour peaceful and dog-free surroundings.

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