Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Cherishes the Opportunity to Integrate the Sustainability Drive Into Global Efforts


The Keter Group has long lived by its motto, “Driven to Invent.”

An industry leader and global innovator within the sphere of lifestyle and outdoor decor solutions, Keter Group has developed a powerhouse reputation for its high-quality resin products that integrate easily within leisure, home, and gardening markets.

First founded in 1948, Keter Group rose to prominence in Israel thanks to its commitment to sustainability and its focus on high-quality products at low-low prices. This is, in fact, dogma to the current Keter Group Chief Executive Officer, Alejandro Pena.

Initial Sustainability Report

The team at Keter Group offered its first sustainability report in 2020, just a short time after bringing on CEO Alejandro Pena to lead the charge for sustainable innovation. The report outlined the company’s focus on reducing its overall environmental impact by targeting ambitious goals with regard to greenhouse gases, water waste, and water consumption.

By the year 2021, Keter had already made serious headway in its efforts toward improving sustainability. The team would reduce overall gas emissions by 20% while reducing waste and water consumption by roughly 10% each. Along the way, KEter helped to improve the use of its overall recycled content by up to 39.4%.

Keter Group’s Managing Director, Eddie Johnson, spoke about the efforts put in place by Keter Group, and Alejandro Pena Johnson stated, “The foundation of our business is our employees, regardless of where they are based. We know that each of them shares our core values of innovation, accountability, agility, entrepreneurship, and respect.”

Johnson went on to say, “Part of our DNA is being entrepreneurial and agile and I think the original mindset that was brought in with the business was that nothing is impossible. We have to do our best to uphold that.”

Targeting Better Outcomes & Brighter Futures

Keter Group has long since made it a goal of theirs to increase sustainability measures while reducing their waste and impact on the environment around them. For more than 70 years, Keter Group has focused on developing a creative portfolio that speaks to the international efforts that they are undertaking.

Keter isn’t the first business to make environmental efforts part and parcel of its focus. Still, they have shown that serious efforts can lead to serious outcomes and improved situations for the planet.

Johnson and Pena pointed to the work done over the past five years, with Johnson adding, “We ensure that the company has an efficient and effective supply chain that is on a monthly rolling cycle for both our indoor and outdoor business.”

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