Guidelines on How to Check Your Boats Rigging

The first time when somebody notices there is something wrong with their rig is when it breaks, if this is the case, you have neglected maintenance and have not properly checked your rigging. Keeping your rigging in excellent condition can be a lifesaver, to avoid any issues before the boating season starts, here are some tips to keep your boat rig in check.

Walk the Deck

The first thing you need to do to check rigging is to walk the deck and take note of any areas that may need attending. Rigging marine components are an essential part of any boat or ship, if they are not in good condition, they could fail. Have a look at all the fitting and make sure they are securely fitted to the boat. Toggles should only move in the direction they are supposed to move, and pins should not be bent in any way.

If you notice any movement, pack them with a washer to effectively plug the gaps and make them more secure. You also need to check the mast foot for any signs of corrosion, movement, or cracks. If you see any damage, order a replacement and have it changed.

U-bolts & Shackles

These components of the rigging system can sometimes wear on each other, so check them regularly to see if they are damaged and there is potential for failure. You should also tighten up shackle pins and secure them with a plastic cable tie. If you also use monel wire to keep them in place and offer some added support.

Backstay Insulators

You should also locate and check the backstay insulators. They are plastic components that do degrade in UV light, and there is no way of knowing when they will fail. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and replace them when needed.


If your boat has a loose electrical connection, it can affect the rigging. Masts can be eaten away from galvanic corrosion, so check all wires and contacts to make sure they are in a good condition. Some parts of the rigging system fall victim to this, and they need to be repaired or replaced.

As you can see, there are many things to check when assessing the condition of your rigging system. If you are unsure about something, have a look online or ask someone who has more experience than you. Regular checks ensure you avoid problems, and your boat operates at peak performance levels.

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