Card Counting Team Play – Increase Your Win

Team play in blackjack is really a concept that needs to be explored by every advantage player. Although winning at card counting can be quite lucrative team play done properly could be much more lucrative.

Let us take a look at team play and just what this means. Obviously, this means several card counters pooling their sources and skills for that common objective of earning money counting cards.

There’s one huge help to team play that we have to discuss. Bankroll…

This straightforward concept is the reason why team play so appealing. Simply mentioned, For those who have a $5000 bankroll your big bet could be $33.33, based on the Management Of Your Capital chapter on the website.

But, let us say you and also two buddies form a group and also you have the ability to $5000, you now have the $15,000 bankroll and you both may use your own personal $5,000 as though it had been $15,000. This provides you both the playing power a $15,000 bankroll. Your big bet would certainly be $100.This one thing is sufficient reason to create a team.

This idea involves each player heading out by himself and playing their own sessions.

Due to the money involved the teammates should be buddies and they ought to be honest otherwise this team is going to be condemned to failure. Trust is paramount element in team play. Another factor is ability. You’ve got to be in a position to determine your teammates card counting ability which help one another improve. In the end, you wouldn’t like someone in your team that plays badly and loses greater than he wins.

Compensation also becomes a problem. Does each player keep their own winnings. I do not think so. Whatever arrange for payment they establishes should be stuck to. Suggestions…

On payoff day…there has to be an decided payoff day. Pool the earnings. Then submit your expenses… you ought to have decided on what expenses should be paid back.

Pay each player for his expenses, then split the earnings utilizing a prearranged formula. The main one I love would be to divide the net income into two equal parts. Each player will get the same share from the first half. The 2nd half is going to be compensated through the hrs each player has logged.

Let us perform a theoretical split. You will find four players. They choose to split the earnings around the first of every month. On Jan. first they pool $17,000 in profit, a significant tidy profit. All players submit their expenses. You will find $1000 in expenses departing $16,000 to separate four ways. Pile #1 has $8,000 to become split equally, so each player receives $2,000. Pile #2 also offers $8,000 to separate based on hrs performed.

o Player A performed 40 hrs

o Player B performed 60 hrs

o Player C performed 45 hrs

o Player D performed 55 hrs

Add all the hrs together and also you get 200 total hrs then divide 200 hrs into $8,000 to look for the hourly rate. That’s $40 each hour. Now multiply each players hrs performed by 40 to find out their pay.

o Player A’s Pay is $1,600 for that hrs performed plus $2,000 for as many as $3,600

o Player B’s Pay is $2,400 for that hrs performed plus $2,000 for as many as $4,400

o Player C’s Pay is $1,800 for that hrs performed plus $2,000 for as many as $3,800

o Player D’s Pay is $2,200 for that hrs performed plus $2,000 for as many as $4,200

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