5 Maintenance Tips for Your Beloved SXS to Keep it Running in a Top Notch Condition

Keeping your SXS in a top notch state is difficult, but maintaining any kind of machine is more than a necessity. We have listed some of the most essential maintenance tips to keep your SXS running like new.

  1. Oil

Oil is like blood for your SXS so ensure that you are keeping an eye on it on a regular basis. The newer models of SXS run efficiently as long as you mess with it a tad bit, so if you have bought an SXS right off the factory floor, then you need to check the oil in every few rides. However, if your SXS has a few years, then have a look at the oil levels and top it off after every ride. Change your oil on a regular basis to make sure to keep your cote a cote smoothly.

  1. Coolant

You don’t need to change this frequently, but if it runs low in the beginning and you are unbeknown to the issue, then it will kill your SXS in no time. So, always inspect before you ride and if you suspect that your coolant is dropping on a consistent basis from every ride then consider that it is an indication of a bigger issue like internal debris or a leaking head gasket which you want to have a look before you ride again.

  1. Radiator cap

It needs to have a tight and solid seal to perform smoothly. If the seal is cracking or corroding, then it is a good idea to get it replaced to steer clear from costly repair bills to accumulate over time.

  1. Spark plugs

They come in pretty cheap so consider replacing them on a regular basis. It doesn’t take much effort to get coated in a sludgy layer of gunk that will plummet the performance of your SXS, so always keep some spare in your shop and swap them in every few months.

  1. Electrical

Your electrical system is a delicate element of your SXS and it would only take a small rock or a branch to get it swayed. Ensure to inspect the electrical aspects of your SXS before you ride to ensure everything is on a safer side with no friction wearing down the casing of the wire. Replace the wires and harnesses if it seems necessary.

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